A comprehensive financial plan is more than a number in an account and the length of a retirement. A complete retirement plan integrates and adapts with your savings, income sources, lifestyle, needs and goals.

Your 401(k) and benefits can be the main source of your future retirement income. A financial plan that understands and utilizes the best strategies for them can make a difference.

The ClearWealth® process helps airline pilots create a retirement plan designed to build and preserve their wealth before and after their retirement date. Learn more about our comprehensive planning process below. 




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The ClearWealth® Retirement Program begins with your goals and dreams so your financial plan and retirement is built around what you want to achieve.

Do you want to retire at age 62 or 65? Do you want to spend time with family or are you focused on getting a boat or a fabulous vacation home? Do you need income of $150,000 per year or do you need more? What is your ideal, and what would you be willing to give up? There are no right or wrong answers – the choices are yours. By understanding what you want, your financial plan can weigh your goals with your savings to build a retirement that is enjoyable and sustainable.

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Once you define your values and goals, we plan for different scenarios to further evaluate what is and isn’t really important to you. The ClearWealth® Retirement Program uses software to assess the probability of success to every plan. You make decisions and get answers regarding your plan’s likely success. This helps you, and us, understand the impact of spending and investment decisions.

If you don’t like the outcome, you can make different decisions such as working longer, saving more or making different life style choices and see the likelihood of each scenario. Seeing how scenarios will play, can help you control what you spend and save, while considering and measuring market uncertainty.

The ultimate goal of your retirement plan is to design the best retirement you can have, without taking unnecessary market risk or sacrificing lifestyle.



Why take on additional market risk if you don’t need to? If you are meeting your goals, you may not need to take on additional risk as you near retirement. A financial plan can tell you when it’s best to avoid unnecessary investment risk.

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Your risk tolerance, which can vary depending on your current assets, current and future expenses, and when you wish to retire will help guide your portfolio construction. Our goal is to build a diverse portfolio that can perform well in different environments, fits your retirement goals, and can be adjusted if needed.



Financial planning is not just about accumulating wealth and building a retirement balance. It’s also about planning for how to use your income during retirement.

We build a retirement income plan based on your projected income sources, expenses and life expectancy. Your retirement income sources include company retirement plans or pensions, 401(k)s, IRAs or other retirement accounts, Social Security, insurance, investment accounts, cash reserves and possible inheritances. The expense side looks at normal expenses for mortgage, food, cars, health care, clothing, travel, entertainment and similar items. Retirement income planning coupled with stress testing tools, helps construct a sustainable retirement plan.  


Early attention to estate and succession planning can help ensure your finances will be in order for your family and will be handled in the way you wish.

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The last step of retirement planning is to consistently recalibrate, monitor and adapt. If there is a large shift in the likelihood you’ll achieve your goal, you can catch it and immediately adapt. A financial plan helps identify problems (and opportunities) early and in advance, so you can be proactive and take action if needed.

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A comprehensive retirement plan will give you comfort and confidence. We’ll show you the likelihood of achieving your goals and objectives, so you’ll have comfort in knowing it is possible to achieve them.

Setting goals and saving money is not just about accumulating wealth. It’s also about choosing priorities that will help you achieve the life and lifestyle you desire for yourself and your family and to help ensure you reach your destination of a comfortable retirement.

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